What is Cupping?

There are many different forms of cupping. In dry cupping silicone cups are placed on and around the area affected. A pump draws the air out of the cups bringing the tissue into the cup providing a suction. The cups can be placed in multiple spots while others may be pulled along the skin helping to break up muscle adhesions and fascial restrictions. Cupping therapy is usually used in combine with deep tissue massage. Cupping can also be used on many different parts of the body. Please note that dry cupping does not use needles, fire or incisions of any kind.

How can Cupping help me?

Cupping can help a variety of conditions such as disc herniations, nerve impingement, general muscle pain and tension, restricted joint movement and arthritis. It helps increase blood flow and reduce fascial restriction.

What are the side effects from Cupping?

Side effects from cupping can be circular bruising ranging in colour from purple to light pink depending on the restriction of the area cupping was performed. Bruising can last for a few days up to two-three weeks. These marks begin to fade after a few days. With repeated cupping treatments the bruising will decrease as the issues resolve. Some other side effects include pain and tenderness in the areas cupping was performed.